Teacher merit-pay law hasn’t boosted student learning, Orange says

Six years after Florida adopted a teacher merit-pay law, there is little evidence the sweeping measure has met its key goal of boosting student achievement, the Orange County school district has concluded.

In Orange, and across the state, student performance on standardized tests has not shown…

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peter-gray-scaledTurns out playing video games is not all bad. “Why do we worry about a kid’s spending maybe 4 or 5 hours a day at a computer screen, doing what he wants to do, but don’t worry about the same kid sitting at school for 6 hours a day and then doing homework for another couple of hours–doing what others are forcing  him to do? “-Peter Gray in Psychology Today 




Teacher Preparation programWhy teacher’s quit? 8% of teachers quit each year for all kinds of reasons, but poor pay isn’t usually the main one – Mayra Linares, NPREd





teacher_1_0_1470307558Fearful environment might be another reason why teacher’s quit. This Duval county teacher finds herself in hot water over blog post criticizing a school board member –Denise Smith Amos, Jacksonville.com


Let the stress begin

We are two days aways from the beginning of the school year and as an involved parent, I can genuinely say I dread even the thought of school. The stressful climate …