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 SUPERINTENDENTS:  Of the 41 original applicants seeking the Flagler Schools superintendent position, five have been selected by a citizens advisory committee to be recommended to the School Board. Two candidates are local: Atlantic High School Principal James R. Tager and former Flagler Schools Assistant Superintendent Phyllis Ann Edwards….Click to Continue

FINANCIAL AID: Applying for financial aid is going to be harder this year.  An online resource that makes it easier for millions of students to apply for college scholarships, grants and loans will be out of commission until next year, putting them at risk of losing out on financial aid. Families filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the form the government and colleges use to determine financial …..Click to Continue 

‘SCHOOLS OF HOPE’: Calling it an “emergency,” Florida may agree to spend up to $200 million to shift students from chronically failing schools to charter schools run by private organizations. The idea crafted by House Speaker Richard Corcoran and other top Republicans in the Florida House is this: Offer up money to help build “Schools of Hope” in neighborhoods, many of them in urban and poor areas…Click to Continue

VOUCHERS: The Florida House scales back its plans to expand school choice programs, the News Service of Florida reports.

UNION-BUSTING: ‘Union-busting’ bill passes Florida House. It’s not likely to fly in Senate. A highly controversial measure opponents describe as “union-busting” legislation meant to target Florida public school teachers passed the Republican-led House Thursday in a near party-line vote, although it’s unlikely to … Click to Continue »

RECESS BILL: Did Miami lawmaker intervene to dilute school recess bill? He won’t say. The only lawmaker on record still opposing state-required daily recess in Florida’s elementary schools wields a lot of power over education policy this session. But Miami Republican and House education … Click to Continue »

TEACHER BONUSES: A bill to expand the Best and Brightest award to include more teachers and, for the first time, principals heads to the House floor.

BAD ACTS: Two Palm Beach County teachers are accused of having sexual encounters on campus, the Palm Beach Post reports. • A Palm Beach County teacher is wanted by the FBI on child porn charges, the Palm Beach Post reports.  Yet, we only screen parents/visitors upon entering our schools if they’re sex offenders.

Education Headlines in Florida

EDUCATION BILLS: Education bills advance in House amid differences with Senate. The House PreK-12 Quality Subcommittee approved legislation aimed at limiting the time spent on testing (HB 773) and safeguarding students’ and teachers’ religious liberties at public schools (HB 303), the News Service of Florida reports.

TESTING:  Some education groups criticize the House-preferred testing legislation, the Sunshine State News reports.

MONEY LESSONS: Senate advances high school financial literacy bill that requires students take a financial literacy course before graduating high school, Florida Politics reports.

GUNS ON CAMPUS:  Guns aren’t allowed in schools. But some religious ones could get an exception. A Florida lawmaker proposes to allow certain private religious schools to permit armed security guards or concealed weapons on their grounds, the Miami Herald reports.

TEACHER BONUSES: Bills advance to enhance bonuses for top-performing Florida teachers, the Naples Daily News reports.

HIGHER ED: House leaders plan possible $80 million across-the-board cut to ‘cash rich’ state universities., Politico Florida reports.

RECESS TIME: Schools Flout Recess Requirements As Lawmakers Weigh New Bill, WLRN reports.


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RELIGIOUS EXPRESSION: Plan to fortify religious expression in public schools quickly advancing.Efforts by the Legislature to make explicitly clear the rights students and teachers have to express their religious beliefs in Florida public schools is ready for a floor vote in … Click to Continue »

CAPITAL FUNDING: Miami-Dade County school district leaders raise concerns about legislative efforts to use local tax revenue to support charter schools, the Miami Herald reports.

TESTING: Florida House and Senate proposals to curtail student testing take differing tracks, the News Service of Florida reports.

CLASS SIZE:  Florida’s class law — controversial and altered several times — should get another change this year, one that would allow schools to put more students in some classes without fear of penalties, a House education panel said Tuesday. Under the state’s 2002 rule, schools must limit the number of children…Continue Reading

REGULATIONS: Florida’s top performing public schools would get red tape reduced under a bill before the Florida Legislature, Redefined reports.

TEACHER BONUSESGov. Scott’s ideas for teacher incentives aren’t getting much love. Back at the end of January, Gov. Rick Scott made teachers a top priority in his budget recommendations to the Legislature for next year.  But his proposals aren’t getting much traction, now that lawmakers are delving into the nitty-gritty of their own ideas….Continue Reading