Skyward Family Access

What is Skyward Family Access and why every Flagler parent should have it? 


Skyward Family Access is an online report card and much more. It provides parents or legal guardians access to student record information anytime, day or night, through a home computer. Skyward's Family Access allows easy, open lines of communication between the school and home. Students and parents can login to view attendance, grades, schedules, and calendars.  Parents are able to access their children's grades as soon as the teacher inputs that information. We, parents, play a significant role in our children’s education and through Skyward you'll know instantly if they struggle in any subject. 


To set up a Skyward Family Access account: 

  • Ask the school Registrar at the time of student registration 
  • Contact the school Registrar to set an appointment
  • Parent/legal guardian must bring a photo ID with the current home address listed on it. 
  • A single Parent ID and Pin Code will provide access to all students for whom you are the legal parent/guardian.


Skyward Family Access is a MUST have tool for every Flagler Parent.