Tuesday’s Flagler Schools Events

  • The Flagler School Board meets at 4:00 pm for a Zoning workshop. You can watch it Live Here
  • At 5:00 pm the Flagler School Board meets for a regular workshop. On the agenda among others “LoansAtWork”- a payday loan company who claims to provide an easy loan for school employees.

LoansAtWork Presentation – “LoansAtWork is an essential and innovative benefit that enables employers to dramatically improve their employees’ financial well-being and helps them lead more productive, happier lives – all with no cost or risk to your organization.”- If employers would like to dramatically improve their employees lives they should increase their pay instead of paying for another slyly marketed product. We can only hope our school board members will do a more in-depth research about the company’s true objective before approving another private business infiltrating our public schools.

  • The Flagler School Board will have its regular meeting at 6:00 pm. What’s on the agenda? From Future Problem Solvers Travel request, Class Size Reduction Compliance Plan, Student Expulsion, and much more Watch it Live 

Homework on the Nightly News

NBC NEWS:  Watch Video Homework in Oregon Elementary school is now history 

And Why as a parent, I dread homework 

Why as a parent, I dread homework

Emma We read the letter a Texas teacher sent home to parents about her decision not to assign homework this year. She said “After much research this summer, I am trying something new. Homework will only consist of work that your student did not finish during the school day. There will be no formally assigned homework this year.” She went on saying “research has been unable to prove that homework improves student performance” and urged them to “spend your evenings doing things that are proven to correlate with student success,” such as spending time together as a family, playing outside, and getting to bed early.

Her message went viral, shared over 68,000 times, parents admired her, the Internet gave her an A+ and she became a hero overnight. She isn’t the first teacher to eliminate homework, we have a homework hero here in Flagler Schools too, and in 2014 entire schools in Massachusetts adopted a “No Homework” policy.
“The research clearly shows that there is no correlation between academic achievement and homework, especially in lower grades,” says Denise Pope, senior lecturer at the Stanford University Graduate School of Education.
Younger students do not benefit academically from homework and even among younger adolescents the success it’s small or non-existent. The Texas teacher recognized the research thus her choice not to give homework anymore.

So, why are Flagler Schools agonizing young students with homework? Because in my house, homework often is nothing but misery. Children spend seven hours in school and they are still required to do homework, which, according to Flagler School’s policy should be no more than half an hour per day. But homework is never half an hour. Educators say homework is necessary to reinforce the lessons learned during the school day. And if kids didn’t understand the concept covered in class, homework becomes a teaching tool for parents. Without textbooks, access to digital textbooks, without knowledge of what our children learning in school, parents are googling unfamiliar terms, frantically searching for answers, browsing YouTube videos and tweeting to anyone accessible on Twitter in hope for help. This is when homework becomes grueling for children, frustrating for parents and utterly dreadful for the whole family. When you found the YouTube video and figured out how Common Core wants your child to learn subtraction, now it’s your time to teach them. After two and a half hour of homework, we are all exhausted and miserable. It robbed us of family time, the time to connect and relax together and reduced spending time to read for pleasure, the one thing we know has a correlation with academic achievement.

School administrators argue homework that requires interaction between parents and students may increase parent involvement. However, studies have shown no link between parent involvement in homework and student achievement. They also claim teaches executive functioning skills like planning, prioritizing and setting goals. But students can learn that during the school day and at home through hobbies and chores.
How about the kids whose parents don’t have the time or resources to help with nightly studies? Aren’t we penalizing them by having grades depend on homework?

Students work hard all day. They need time to play and relax. We cannot forget the importance of play. Playtime is learning, kids learn to solve problems, resolve conflict and enhance their creativity. In fact, playing is crucial for a healthy brain development. Homework kills playtime. Let’s get rid of homework.

  1. Does Homework Improve Academic Achievement? A Synthesis of Research, 1987-2003
  2. What research says about the value of homework: Research Review
  3. Homework: An unnecessary evil?….Surprising findings from new research 
  4. The Decline of Play and Rise in Children’s Mental Disorders 

Education News

Let’s start with some great news!

Despite the rigid focus on STEM in schools, more students study theater in Florida schools, UCF and Rolling College. Undeterred in STEM world…. 

Florida Board of Education vice chairman, John Padget said on Wednesday: “Spending money on a teachers’ SAT score of 30 years ago needs to be revisited. Let’s ask, what’s the bang for the buck with that program?” Time to reconsider the Best and Brightest program

Third-grade retention fight continues. Education Department and Orange schools appeal the judge’s order

School’s are back and so are the EVERY FRIDAY tests. Teaching to the test is alive and well in Flagler Schools.  But, it is an election year and it’s time for You, Parents to hold politicians accountable. Remember the ad?  “No more teaching to the test.It’s time we get a better measure of our children’s progress.”

Think about what changed in your child’s education when you cast your ballot this November.



corporal-punishmentCORPORAL PUNISHMENT: School discipline has become a contentious topic in many schools across the country. Most schools implemented or leaning towards more positive discipline. But, few states still rely on the primitive mentality that beating kids will “teach them a lesson”. The more we learn about children, and discipline, especially school administrators and educators should understand the harmful impact these violent disciplinary methods have on students.
In 2013-14 over 109,000 students experienced physical discipline in American schools, A Persistent Practice: Corporal Punishment in US Schools.

RETENTION CASE: After a grueling 9 hour hearing on Monday, we are still waiting for the judge’s decision on the third-grade promotion lawsuit.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: An uncle from Tallahassee is not happy about the “opt-out” pledge of allegiance waiver form.

FLAGLER SCHOOLS: Belle Terre Elementary is holding its Curriculum Night @ 5:00PM for VPK and Kindergarten and 5:45PM for Fifth and Six Grades.