The War on Public Schools

The Atlantic

Public schools have always occupied prime space in the excitable American imagination. For decades, if not centuries, politicians have made hay of their supposed failures and extortions. In 2004, Rod Paige, then George W. Bush’s secretary of education, called the country’s leading teachers union a “terrorist organization.”

In his first education speech as president, in 2009, Barack Obama lamented the fact that “despite resources that are unmatched anywhere in the world, we’ve let our grades slip, our schools crumble, our teacher quality fall short, and other nations outpace us.” 

President Donald Trump used the occasion of his inaugural address to bemoan the way “beautiful” students had been “deprived of all knowledge” by our nation’s cash-guzzling schools. Educators have since recoiled at the Trump administration’s budget proposal detailing more than $9 billion in education cuts, including to after-school programs that serve mostly poor children......

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Education News

Let’s start with some great news!

Despite the rigid focus on STEM in schools, more students study theater in Florida schools, UCF and Rolling College. Undeterred in STEM world…. 

Florida Board of Education vice chairman, John Padget said on Wednesday: “Spending money on a teachers’ SAT score of 30 years ago needs to be revisited. Let’s ask, what’s the bang for the buck with that program?” Time to reconsider the Best and Brightest program

Third-grade retention fight continues. Education Department and Orange schools appeal the judge’s order

School’s are back and so are the EVERY FRIDAY tests. Teaching to the test is alive and well in Flagler Schools.  But, it is an election year and it’s time for You, Parents to hold politicians accountable. Remember the ad?  “No more teaching to the test.It’s time we get a better measure of our children’s progress.”

Think about what changed in your child’s education when you cast your ballot this November.


Florida Lottery’s Education money


Do you ever wonder where the education money from the lottery goes?

And how much Flagler County gets?  Read the detailed breakdown here.

Parents sue the Florida Department of Education

Some  parents are suing the Florida Department of Education and seven school districts over third-grade promotion.  The school districts named in the lawsuit refused to promote third-grade students into fourth grade without a test score despite the provision in the law that six “good cause” exemptions for students who have not scored Level 2 or higher on the test.

“……students with no reading deficiency are retained in the third grade,” Mogensen wrote, “solely because they opt-out of standardized testing.” Some of them were honor roll students.

On Friday the lawyer for Florida Department of Education said report cards are meaningless and don’t show if someone can read at grade level. FLDOE

The judge could rule this week on Florida’s third-grade retention rules.

Read the lawsuit here: Final_Complaint