Parents: It’s A Good Thing When Your Child’s Math Homework Scares You

Some San Diego children are coming home with math homework that looks foreign — and maybe a little scary — to parents. That’s because several schools in San Diego Unified …

Recent Headlines in Education

Teacher Preparation program Obama administration releases long-delayed regulations for teacher-preparations programs 

“The new regulations, at least five years in the making, require each state to issue annual ratings for teacher-prep programs within their borders. The ratings aim to serve as a snapshot of how novice educators perform after graduation, offering prospective teachers and school district recruiters a more accurate picture of  which programs are successful at producing strong educators and which are not.” -Washington Post


Value Added MeasureU.S. Department of Education: Value-Added Not Good for Evaluating Schools and Principals 

The Institute of Education Sciences(IES) released a report about using Value Added Models(VAMs) to measure school principals’ performance. Read the full manuscript here


Common Core and teacher stressTesting, Common Core places additional stress on teachers – “High levels of stress,” said a 2016 research brief by Pennsylvania State University, “are affecting teacher health and well-being, causing teacher burnout, lack of engagement, job dissatisfaction, poor performance, and some of the highest turnover rates ever.” Does teacher stress affect students? “When teachers are highly stressed,” the authors noted, “children show lower levels of both social adjustment and academic performance.” They identified, amidst other findings, that high turnover rates have been to linked to lower student-achievement and increased financials costs for schools.-The Atlantic


Lake County School BoardLake County School Board Member advocates for replacement of tests –  “Academic experts and School Board members say the high-stakes testing culture is not readying students for the rigorous coursework in college. Others argue the Florida Standards themselves are at fault for not preparing students in English language arts because students are required to read fewer literary texts. There has been concern about students’ test scores being unfairly tied to teacher evaluations.”


Lack of TransparencyLack of Transparency beyond Flagler School District : Conservative school board group’s closed webinars could violate sunshine laws – “Florida school board  members and candidates for the elected local offices will soon have a chance to learn about a new law reining in districts’ construction spending from a state legislator who crafted the measure.  But no one else will be allowed to listen in….”