Island of Fog (Book 1)

Twelve-year-old Hal and his friends live on a secluded island. When they discover that they’re slowly turning into monsters, and a woman arrives from the land beyond the fog, the children wonder if their parents can be trusted — or if their entire world is a lie…


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Grade: Middle Grade

Bear and Squirrel

When a laid-back bear and a high-strung squirrel clash over playing on a swing, who will win? Kids will learn a valuable lesson about sharing in this entertaining picture book!

Age Level: 3-7    Grade level: P-2


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The Bridge of the Golden Wood

In this beautifully illustrated picture book, a clever boy solves a problem to help some hungry fish — and earns an unexpected reward! A fable about ingenuity and serving others. 

Age Level: 4-18    

Grade Level: P-12

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Rabbit really wanted his lettuce patch to grow — but not this much! As the leafy greens begin to take over, his eccentric neighbors join in to help save the day. A rhyming picture book that teaches kids about the power of sharing.  

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Goodnight, Campsite

Explore the great outdoors and then settle down for a night by the campfire! With colorful illustrations and a rhyming story, this engaging picture book is the   perfect way to introduce young readers to the beauty of nature. Ages 0-10, Grade Level P-3 

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March Reading Activity Calendar

Print, download, share this month’s reading calendar from RIF.

AGES 0-5
























Nine Awesome Bedtime Stories

With this stupendous collection of fun bedtime stories, children will be whisked away to magical worlds.From pet frogs to ferocious dinosaurs, cute piggies to robot ninja repairmen, this awesome anthology has something for everyone.

Ages 3-6





The Monster That Ate My Socks

When a boy’s socks keep disappearing, could it be that a little green monster is devouring them? This funny and endearing bedtime story is full of colorful illustrations and vocabulary boosters for eager young readers. FREE!

Age level: 4-8    Grade level: 2-4