When Finnish Teachers work in America’s Public Schools

Finnish ClassromWhy aren’t American teachers trusted in our public schools?

“Chartouni misses that feeling of being trusted as a professional in Finland. There, after receiving her teaching timetable at the start of each school year, she would be given the freedom to prepare curriculum-aligned lessons, which matched her preferences and teaching style. “I wanted to do my best all the time,” she said, “because they trusted my skills and abilities.” I encountered something similar when I moved to Finland from the U.S., where I started my teaching career.”-  When Finnish Teachers work in America’s Public Schools, The Atlantic

Screen Time, Public Education, Election

Big BirdHow quality programming helped alter researcher’s views on screen time for kids – The Hechinger Report




Public EducationYou must read or listen to the words of Charles Foster Johnson,the executive director of Pastors for Texas Children, about public education “A school is a holy place of learning, not a marketplace of financial gain.”– Valerie Strauss, Washington Post





How to teach our kids not to hate, despite all the hate they’re exposed to this election? “It takes very little effort for a child to learn to hate.”– Kristin Vanderhey Shaw, Washington Post






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edu-1024x466Education: Next Generation  Free Online Conference starts November 3rd. The schedule has been released and the speaker line-up is amazing. Prepare kids to lead, learn and love. Learn about mindfulness, social emotional learning, homeschooling, progressive education and much more. Sign Up Today!



peter-gray-scaledTurns out playing video games is not all bad. “Why do we worry about a kid’s spending maybe 4 or 5 hours a day at a computer screen, doing what he wants to do, but don’t worry about the same kid sitting at school for 6 hours a day and then doing homework for another couple of hours–doing what others are forcing  him to do? “-Peter Gray in Psychology Today 




Teacher Preparation programWhy teacher’s quit? 8% of teachers quit each year for all kinds of reasons, but poor pay isn’t usually the main one – Mayra Linares, NPREd





teacher_1_0_1470307558Fearful environment might be another reason why teacher’s quit. This Duval county teacher finds herself in hot water over blog post criticizing a school board member –Denise Smith Amos, Jacksonville.com


The excess of data driven education

Data            Are schools encouraging an educational helicopter parenting? Is Class Dojo even necessary?

And what happens to all the data collected about your child?

What’s At Risk When Schools Focus Too Much on Student Data? 

Technology in schools and student privacy

Homework on computer

Almost one third of all students—elementary through high school—already use school-issued digital devices, and many of these devices present a serious risk to student privacy. They collect far more information on kids than is necessary, store this information indefinitely, and sometimes even upload it to the cloud automatically. In short, they’re spying on students—and school districts, which often provide inadequate privacy policies (or no privacy policy at all), are helping them.  Read more about School issued devices and student privacy and Take the Survey .

screentimeHow companies learn what children secretly want ?  ” There is a good chance that people and organizations you don’t know are collecting information about them while they are doing their schoolwork. And they may be using this information for purposes that you know nothing about.  In the U.S. and around the world, millions of digital data points are collected daily from children by private companies that provide educational technologies to teachers and schools.”

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Education News I’m reading

foreign-language 1. Why learn a second language? Being bilingual has its advantages in today’s global society but the benefits of speaking a second language are significant to your brain.  Most students in Europe start to learn a foreign language by the age of 6 and a second foreign language later. Most Americans, none. But Miami and Orlando school districts seek more focus on learning a second language at an early age.  Orange Schools receive 1.6 million for bilingual preschool


Parent Workshops2.  Alta Vista Elementary parents get schooled and I think many Flagler Parents would enjoy these workshops themselves.


humanities3. The need to teach both music theory and string theory is a necessity for the U.S.              economy to continue as the preeminent leader in technological innovation. STEM education is vital- but Not at the Expense of Humanities