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The Orange County School Board voted Tuesday to join a proposed lawsuit that will challenge the constitutionality of parts of a controversial education law the Florida Legislature passed this spring.

Orange’s board, which voted 8-0 to join the legal fight, is the 10th district to do so, deciding...Continue Reading

Two lawmakers have filed bills that could alter the way Florida's school boards operate in the future. One could potentially expand their powers. The other would likely decrease them. The first measure [SB 192] would codify in law that two or more members of a school board or other elected body may meet privately, and without any public notice, if no official acts or public business are to occur.  The second measure [SJR 194] would set term limits on elected school board members. Currently, board members can serve until ousted. The Tampa Bay reports  

Public Education Capital Outlay

Public Education Capital Outlay (PECO)

Late last week, superintendents learned exactly what their piece of the $50 million Public Education Capital Outlay (PECO) allocation would be. For some of the larger districts, it might get them close to paying for a new classroom wing. In the smaller ones, it might not even pay for air conditioning repairs.- Jeffrey S. Solochek from The Tampa Bay reports

After months of bullying, a 12-year-old New Jersey girl killed herself.

After months of bullying, a 12-year-old New Jersey girl killed herself. Her parents blame the school.

For months, 12-year-old Mallory Grossman received the taunts in text messages, Instagram posts and Snapchats.

She was a loser and had no friends, they told her. At one point, according to an attorney for Mallory’s family, the girls even asked her, “Why don’t you kill yourself?”

In the classrooms and hallways of her middle school in Rockaway Township, N.J., a group of sixth grade girls continued to torment her. They would tease Mallory, give her dirty looks and snub her, shooing her away from their lunch table….Read the story in the Washington Post


Volusia School Board chair leading statewide fight for fairer funding

Flagler County school board members must join Melody Johnson, Volusia County School Board Chairwoman in the fight for fair funding for Flagler students. The status quo is no longer acceptable. It’s time to act.

“The DCD(District Cost Differential)  has also hurt Flagler County, which ranks 65th among the 67 county districts in the amount of funds received per student.

Johnson believes it’s time to do more than just complain.

“If I keep sitting here being an armchair opinion maker, it doesn’t effect any change,” she said. “So that’s why I’m out there. That’s why I’m giving up what limited time I have in my life.”

“I’m starting to try to light the fire, fan the flames,” she said, noting that she aims to present to the 10 districts that are most negatively impacted by the formula — some likely via video.

Watch Melody Johnson speak about the issue – News-JournalOnline.com reports  Follow Melody Johnson on Twitter @melody4thekids 

Florida Department of Education wants your input

Florida has drafted a plan for how it will implement a new federal education law, and it is asking the public to weigh in.

The Florida Department of Education has posted on its website both its draft Every Student Succeeds Act plan and an online survey. Residents can fill out the survey until July 31....Find out more 


2016-2017 School and District Grades

The 2016-2017 School grades have been released by the FloridaDepartment of Education. Check out your school's and your district's scores.  2016-2017 School Accountability Reports

School Grades 2017  District Grades 2017 

2017 Flagler Schools District Grade

Florida Education News

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