SOAR: an award-winning 3D animated movie about a young girl who must help a tiny boy pilot fly home before it’s too late.


Use this delightful animated film in your classroom with a collection of cross-curricular teaching ideas and activities! Age Range: 5-11

Teaching Ideas and Resources:
      • The title of this film is ‘Soar’. Can you think of synonyms for this word? Would any of them make a better film title in your opinion?
      • Look at the first frame of the animation. Predict what you think may happen in the rest of the film.
      • Retell the story from the point of view of Mara (the girl) or Lucas (the pilot).
      • Pause the video at different points (e.g. 0:15, 0:28, 0:50, 1:15, 1:44, 2:29, 3:51, 4:35) and think of some speech / thought bubbles for the characters.
      • Pause the video when the small bag lands on the table. Write an alternative ending from this point. What is in the bag? Who does it belong to?

    • Turn the story into a playscript, adding narration, stage directions and speech for the characters.
    • Look at different roles listed in the credits. How would each of these people have contributed to the movie?
    • Create a persuasive poster to advertise this movie.
    • Make a set of instructions to teach others how to make a paper airplane.
    • Create an explanation text that teaches others how a plane works.
    • Write a ‘flashback’ scene for this film that tells us more about Lucas and his life.
  • Describe the forces that are involved in the flight of an object.
  • Lucas places a star in the sky at the end of the film. What are stars?
  • Find out more about different constellations that can be seen in the night sky.
  • Make a trailer/website/poster to promote the film.
Design Technology
  • Design and build (if possible) a new flying machine for Lucas. Look at the sketches in the credits for inspiration.
  • Create a paper airplane. Could you have a paper airplane competition with your friends?
  • Design and make a kite that can fly in the air.
  • Make a labeled diagram to explain how a plane works.
  • Look at the designs that Mara creates in the film. Discuss the materials techniques that she is using to create her plane.
  • Look at the storyboards and designs shown in the credits. Can you create your own storyboards/illustrations for a story that you have written (or one that you have enjoyed reading)?
  • Look at the images of Lucas (the pilot) in the credits that show him with different facial expressions. Can you create your own pictures of a character with different expressions/emotions.
  • Listen to the soundtrack (without watching the video). What does it tell you about the film? How would you describe it? What instruments can you hear?
  • Could you compose a new soundtrack for the film?
  • Find out about the history of flight. Could you create a timeline showing the main events?